500ml Luxury Shampoo & Wash Mitt Special Offer

500ml Luxury Shampoo & Wash Mitt Special Offer

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Taking the two most purchased items and making it the biggest offer this month we have ever done to date!!

Our Luxury Shampoo is a PH Neutral Shampoo that only requires 10ml of product in a 20L bucket!! Our Luxury Shampoo is a formulated shampoo that’s lubricating, thick foaming and slick to your vehicles bodywork that allows a smooth and long lasting shampoo. Effortlessly wiping the bodywork it will deeply clean surfaces, marring reduction and leaving a wax look to your car.

The microfibre strands in our Wash Mitt allows dirt to disappear into the mitt making all washes swirl preventing and leaving a deep clean finish to all vehicles. We highly recommend using this wash mitt for all safe washing. A durable, long lasting mitt that can be used over and over again if cared for. This is down to the microfibre technology in this wash mitt. 

Both products proudly made in the UK.