Advanced Pre-Wash

Advanced Pre-Wash

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Our Advance Pre Wash has been developed to take as much grime and dirt off the car before the contact wash. The pre-wash will cut through all road traffic film, road grime and dirt effortlessly and quickly. This will get any grime that cannot be removed using just snowfoam.

Our Advance Pre Wash is kind to all waxed and coated bodywork. To get best results we recommend evenly spraying the pre wash across the car.

The Advance Pre Wash can be used through a pressure washer lance, pressure sprayer or directly from our bottles.

Directions of Use

From the bottle spray evenly across each panel and allow dwelling for a few minutes. Do not leave to dry. Rinse thoroughly.

From a pressure sprayer or lance, dilute the product (we recommend 10:1) and spray over vehicle. Rinse thoroughly.