Bleeding Snow

Bleeding Snow

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Bleeding Snow is a combination of our two best selling products working together. Not only do they look incredible for a photo but they also work brilliantly as pre wash removing all contamination before a contact wash. 

Unique Snowfoam 

Unique Snowfoam has been developed as a pre clean before a contact wash. It has been formulated to have a high foaming from a range of lances. The thick foam will cling to the exterior surfaces of the vehicle, breaking down road grime, dirt and brake dust to begin a safe contact wash.

Our Unique Snowfoam is PH Neutral. Safe to use on all waxed and coated paintworks. The thick foam will minimalize swirls when washing the car and keep your protected paint looking perfect.

Iron Eliminator

Iron Eliminator is an iron contaminant remover. Iron Eliminator has been developed to bleed when reacting to the iron particles on the paint or wheels on your vehicle. This product is fast acting giving a visual effect of the product working.

Our Iron Eliminator has been formulated so it can be safely used on all wheel types, all paintworks and body panels. The iron remover will loosen all surface contamination turning it the distinctive purple colour.

This bundle contains...

1L Unique Snowfoam

1L Iron Eliminator