Deep Exterior Clean Kit

Deep Exterior Clean Kit

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This Kit is the perfect bundle for any detailer wanting to safely clean the exterior of their vehicle from the roof to the wheels. This kit includes everything you need to wash, clean, dry and dress your vehicle. 

The kit includes the following...

Luxury Shampoo, a very highly concentrated and soapy shampoo that smells great and leaves incredible results. 

Microfibre Wash Mitt, a wash mitt that has been designed to remove all dirt areas easily and preventing from swirling your paintwork. 

1 Litre of Unique Snowfoam, a great pre-wash solution that will lift as much contaminant dirt from the paintwork before applying a contact wash. 

Ultimate Absorb Drying Towel, a drying towel that can hold an entire car full of water in one towel. A easy streak free absorbing towel that safely removes all the water from your vehicle. 

Wheel Cleaner, deeply cleans the wheels of any vehicle and of any type, removing some of the heaviest soiled road traffic and brake dust easily and quickly. 

Tyre Finish, a perfect way to finish off the look of any clean vehicle. A product that can be layered to suit any type of taste from a satin finish to a glossy looking tyre.