Deep Interior Clean Kit

Deep Interior Clean Kit

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A part of a car you see more of when driving than looking at it. This is the place that everyone spends a vehices journey in so why not make it look at its best?

This kit includes everything you need to make sure that your interior is looking its best. The kit includes the following...

3 Korean Microfibre Cloths, to make sure your wiping every surface using our different interior cleaners safely and easily. 

Diamond Glass, make sure you clean all windows as they are a part of the car your always looking out of. Our bottle of Diamond Glass is a smear and streak free glass cleaner than leaves instant results. 

1 Litre of All Purpose Cleaner, a product that states what it does from its name. You can use this product on any part of your vehicle. It deeply cleans but also leaves some protection on the surface after wiping it in. 

Interior Cleaner, a product that can help clean dashboards, leather and trim by easily lifting any dirt away from the surface and leaving a lovely fresh clean looking surface. 

Interior Dressing, this can be used after interior cleaner on your trims and dashboard leaving a lovely new car looking shine to your vehicles interior. Its a product that's as simple as wipe on and wipe off leaving instant results. 

Fresh Scent, a perfect way to finish cleaning your interior. Simply spray over all the roof lining and fabrics to give a long lasting refreshingly clean smell to the inside of your vehicle. Killing all unwanted odours in your car.