Detailers Starter Pack

Detailers Starter Pack

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The Unique Auto Care team have put together some of the best products needed to do a basic detail to your vehicle. This kit is perfect for any beginner, enthusiast and even the professionals to begin their Unique Auto Care Collection.

All the products we have brought together allows any detailer to clean their vehicle to a high standard. From a full exterior clean to finishing off the interior here is everything needed to bring your vehicle up to a high standard. The kit includes the following:

Gloss Wash – A gloss enhancing shampoo that is super slick, easy to use and long lasting results.

Wheel Cleaner – An acid free wheel cleaner that will remove all brake dust and grime easily leaving instant results.

Tyre Finish – Easy application tyre dressing that will leave all tyres looking their best. An important product to make the wheels really pop on your car.

Quick Shine – Easy to use spray on, buff off application that will create a deep gloss shine while adding a 4-6 weeks layer of protection to your vehicle.

Diamond Glass – A perfect smear free glass cleaner that can be used on all windows and mirrors leaving a clear view. A product that can be used inside and out.

Interior Dressing – Leave your interior with a fresh, clean and new look. A daily place for most people so why not make sure its always looking its best?

Microfibre Wash Mitt – A scratch resistant and deep cleaning wash mitt that will remove the most stubborn road grime easily. Using microfibre technology to look after your vehicle while washing it.

Drying Towel – The towel that dries your car easily, collecting all the left-over water by absorbing it easily. Its extra soft to avoid swirl marks and ultra-absorbent.

All bottles come in 500ml.