Instant Gloss Defence

Instant Gloss Defence

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Our Instant Gloss Defence is a specially designed product that will enhance the gloss of your vehicle and add short term protection. Quick wash or not a lot of time to polish and wax your car, this is the product that will give you instant protection and gloss.

After rinsing the shampoo off the vehicle, it’s as simple as spraying to the bodywork and rinsing it away. It will leave an outstanding shine and a few weeks protection without needing to spend hours polishing your car.

Instant Gloss Defence is safe to use on all paint types and wheels. 

Directions of Use

Clean car thoroughly using one of our shampoo products.

Add 5-10ml into a snowfoam lance or pressure sprayer and fill remainder with clean water.

Spray over car then rinse with clean water.

Wipe over panels with a clean drying towel or microfibre cloth.