Fresh Scent

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Our Fresh Scent is a refreshing odour eliminator that will leave any vehicle smelling fresh and clean. We highly recommend this to all vehicle owners that want a fresh smelling car daily. Our Fresh Scent will remove all bad smells immediately.

Our formulated odour will kill all bad smells of bacteria at the source and can be used any part of the car’s interior. It will continue to smell refreshed for weeks making your interior a pleasant place to be for both driver and passengers.

Directions of Use

This product can be sprayed directly to the interior fabrics and carpets.

It can be sprayed to plastic surfaces, and then wiped over with a microfibre towel.

For ultimate refresh, spray the Air Freshener across all parts of interior and turn fan speed on to high. With the doors closed allow 10 minutes for the product to work into the interior and will get rid of bad odours from all areas of the car that’s hard to reach.