All Purpose Cleaner

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All Purpose Cleaner is a high quality and also solvent free multi-purpose cleaner. All Purpose Cleaner has been manufactured to be able to clean all exterior automotive surface materials quickly and safely. This product is highly effective on all alloy wheel cleaning, great at cutting through oil and grease, any brake dust and exhaust soot. It is also strong enough to strip most synthetic sealant coatings. Multi clean is a great value for money for this amount of performance this product gives. 

We recommend using this easy dirt removing product on engine bays, wheel arches, undercarriages, alloy wheels and any other dirt built up areas.  It can also be used on dirty interiors, removing any built up muck on door shuts, door cards and plastics.

All Purpose Cleaner is a high quality product for breaking unwanted grime down, avoid letting the product dry out fully on surfaces before it is rinsed away otherwise stains are possible on the treated surfaces.

Directions of Use

Interior use:

Spray directly on to a microfibre cloth and apply to the area of cleaning. Flip the cloth over and wipe away any smears.

Exterior use:

Spray directly on to the areas of which is to be cleaned, agitating using a detailing brush or cloth. Rinse away after a few minutes.