Citrus Pre-Wash

Citrus Pre-Wash

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Citrus Pre-Wash


Citrus Pre-Wash is a great initial cleaner that is designed to lift all dirt, road salt, road grime and road dust. Being highly concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash can be used directly from the bottle, used in a lance or can be used from a pressure sprayer.  A multi-use product that has incredible cleaning power.

Citrus Pre-Wash can be diluted 20:1!!! We would recommend this dilution ration with water for an average dirty vehicle. For a heavily soiled vehicle we recommend 10:1.

Our Citrus Pre-Wash is safe to use on Waxed, Coated and Sealed paintwork.

Directions of Use

Spray evenly over each panel. Allow 5 Minutes for the product to dwell and lift dirt. Rinse thoroughly removing all product from the area.

Do not leave to dry. Avoid direct sunlight.