Decontamination Kit

Decontamination Kit

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Preparing your paintwork for polish or coatings? Just want to freshen up the paint? This is your perfect kit. 

Our Unique Snowfoam will release all the dirt from all parts of your car removing as much loose dirt as possible especially from the seals. This will ensure that as much dirt is removed from all parts in order for you to wash the car easily. 

Tar and Glue Remover is the easiest way to remove tar spots and any tough residue on the car with ease. It will allow all paintwork areas to be easily wiped once sprayed to leave a clean and tar free finish. 

Iron Eliminator will remove all Iron Particles from the vehicles surface. This will insure same as the Tar Remover that when it comes to polish or wax application it will bond properly to the surface and not cause anymore damage to the paint surface. 

We would recommend our Polish and Wax kit will be the great next step after using this kit. 

This kit includes...

1 Litre Unique Snowfoam
500ml Tar and Glue Remover
500ml Iron Eliminator