Extreme Polish

Extreme Polish

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Extreme Polish is a great all-rounder polish for your vehicle. It will remove contamination and oxidisation in the paint that’s hard to remove during a normal maintenance wash. This polish is great for preparing the paint ready for a wax or sealant.

Our Extreme Polish will have long lasting effects to your vehicles paint and can be either applied by hand or machine. It will remove fine swirl marks and give deep clarity and gloss to your paint of the vehicle.

Directions of Use

Applying by hand, using a polishing pad apply 4 pea size dots and work half a panel at a time. Use a cross hatch pattern to cover all areas.

Allow the product to haze before buffing for optimum results. Once hazed, buff off with a microfibre cloth.

Applying by machine, evenly spread product across pad and work into panel. Going in a cross hatch pattern, 2 passes is recommended but work accordingly to what works best on your vehicles paint.

Buff off once panel has been polished.