Fast Detailer

Fast Detailer

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Our Fast Detailer is advanced clay lubrication and drying aid. Our Fast Detailer has been created to reduce the risk of creating swirl marks and marring to your paintwork during a clay application or drying process.

The Fast Detailer is safe to use on all paintwork types and encourages the clay to easily glide over the paintwork minimalizing any damage and surface tension.

Directions of Use         

Before application of the Fast Detailer, make sure the car has been washed thoroughly using our Luxury Wash shampoo.

Spray Fast Detailer to one panel at a time.

If using a clay-bar, glide the clay across the panel in back to forward motions making sure you cover all parts of the panel. If surface starts drying, spray more to avoid clay crossing a dry panel.

If using as a drying aid, spray panel at a time covering all areas. Using a drying towel wipe down panel until dry.