Gloss Wash

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Our Gloss Wash is a highly concentrated and formulated product that is a friendly to all paintworks that are waxed and coated. It’s a highly effective bodywork cleaning product that is gentle to your paint but removes all dirt and grime from your vehicle.

Our Gloss Wash will last you hundreds of washes due to having a high concentration in each bottle. It will break down all dirt easily in minimal time effortlessly.

Gloss Wash is enriched with properties that will not only prolong the life of your wax or coating but will leave an extra rich gloss to the paintwork of your vehicle.

Directions of Use

Rinse vehicle thoroughly with water to loosen any dirt. We recommend using our snow foam first.

We recommend adding 10ml to a 20L bucket of warm water. 

Using a microfibre wash mitt apply the wash product to the vehicle bodywork and thoroughly clean all panels of the vehicle.

Rinse vehicle thoroughly after wash getting all remaining residue off the paintwork.