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Hydro Boost is a hybrid spray sealant that will give an incredible 3 – 5 months of paint protection from a single spray coat. It’s a high gloss finish and protectant that will show immediate results on your vehicle.

Hydro Boost is suitable for all areas of the vehicle, from the paint to the glass to trim to the wheels. Hydro Boost creates beading, sheeting and protection like no other spray sealant on the market. It will give all exterior areas the finish and protections it deserves by a simple spray and rinse application.

Directions of Use

Once the vehicle has been washed thoroughly using our Luxury Shampoo make sure the vehicle has been rinsed well. Then simply spray our Hydro Boost over a rinsed wet panel, allow a few seconds and then rinse the panel to form its bond. Work a panel at a time to make sure no product dries on the vehicle. Once product has applied and rinsed over the entire vehicle, simply use our Drying Towel to dry the vehicle.

Do not apply product and leave it on the panel or in direct heat. Product must be rinsed away immediately.