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A highly concentrated 3 in 1 Ceramic infused Shampoo that Cleans, Protects and Finishes your Vehicle! Can be used on all parts of the exterior of the vehicle, bodywork, glass, plastics and wheels. Safe to use on Wrapped Vehicles, Gloss, Matte, etc..

Hydro Wash uses the most recent and advanced ceramic technology that allows a shampoo not to just thoroughly clean but also shine and protect. Using SI02 technology this shampoo will cut through dirt easily and safely while leaving a sheet of glass behind with extreme hydrophobic behaviour.

Small amount of shampoo will certainly go a long way with our Hydro Wash. Our Hydro Wash Shampoo is a 200 to 1 concentrate. Washing your car using Hydro Wash will give a thoroughly clean car, high gloss and 4-6 weeks of protection. It might not have the best suds, but we can guarantee its highly lucrative and still safe to use as a shampoo.


Hydro Wash is a great shampoo for the winter. It helps keep your vehicle cleaner for longer and protects it against winter grime.

Directions of Use

Add 50ml of Hydro Wash to a 10L bucket with warm water.

Rinse car thoroughly removing loose dirt. You can use a prewash before wash such as our Unique Snowfoam or Citrus Pre-Wash.

Using our Microfibre Wash Mitt, Washing from top to bottom cover all areas.

Rinse thoroughly, making sure all shampoo is removed.

Make sure your vehicle is in a cool area and do not allow to dry.

Customer Reviews

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Incredible product

Used to increase the ceramic on my car. amazing results and very good quantity. Will be buying again.
Incredible gloss. Great product