Luxury Shampoo

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Our Luxury Shampoo is a formulated shampoo that’s lubricating, thick foaming and slick to your vehicles bodywork that allows a smooth and long lasting shampoo. Effortlessly wiping the bodywork it will deeply clean surfaces, marring reduction and leaving a wax look to your car.

Our Luxury Shampoo is safe to use with all waxes and sealants enhancing its longevity of the protection. This product is developed to work with existing waxes, sealants and coatings to protect, enhance and condition the paintwork making it look freshly waxed again.    

A high dilution ratio in this product makes it long lasting and economical. This product is safe to use on all exterior surfaces.

Directions of Use

Rinse vehicle thoroughly with water to loosen any dirt. We recommend using our snow foam first.

We recommend adding 10ml to a 20L bucket of warm water.  

Using a microfibre wash mitt apply the wash product to the vehicle bodywork and thoroughly clean all panels of the vehicle.

Rinse vehicle thoroughly after wash getting all remaining residue off the paintwork.