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Quick Shine is a spray on wax that gives the care instant protection and a glossy finish. Quick Shine can be safely be sprayed on to any vehicle paintwork laying down a thin protective layer of carnauba wax and gloss enhancing polymers.

Quick Shine has been developed to be easy to use leaving a streak free finish while giving the just waxed look. Its temperature insensitive and can prolong the existing protection of a waxed or coated car. The carnauba wax inside this spray on wax can add extra protection, glossiness and slickness to protected or unprotected car.

Our Quick Shine will last a minimum of 4 weeks protection. It can also be a great drying aid each wash your vehicle acquires, always protecting your car after.  Quick Shine can be used dry on a car for show and shine events and can be used wet on the car being used as a drying aid or quick wax finish.

Directions of Use

Using on dry panels, spray wax on panel at a time. Using a microfibre cloth massage into the panel until surface is dry.

Using on wet panels, spray wax on panel at a time. Using a drying towel or microfibre towel to wipe panel dry. For best results, we recommend using another microfibre towel to take away any smears or left over residue.