Rubber & Plastic Dressing

Rubber & Plastic Dressing

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Our Rubber and Plastic dressing is one of the most advanced dressings on the market protecting and refreshing all rubber and plastic surfaces. This dressing leaves a satin finish to the surface to give a clean and “new” look to the surfaces.

Our rubber and plastic dressing is also a great long lasting product insures your rubber and plastic surfaces retain its clean look for a lot longer than most other products on the market. This product doesn’t need to be applied often as it’s a low maintenance protectant to the surfaces applied with.

Any rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces such as door trims, tyres, exterior trim, engine covers, wiper blades and many more that this product is applied to, will be protected from UV rays from the sun stopping cracking and fading of the surface in the future.

Directions of Use

Exterior Use:

Make sure the surface in which your applying to is clean first. Then spray Rubber and Plastic Dressing to the surface evenly and leave to dry. If patchy use a microfibre towel or application pad to evenly spread product into the surface.

Interior Use:

Spray Rubber and Plastic Dressing directly onto an application pad or microfibre towel then apply to the surface evenly. Allow to dry naturally. Once dry buff with a short pile microfibre if necessary.