Slick Window

Slick Window

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Slick Window is a glass sealant that creates a hydrophobic coating on the windscreen. This product repels water on the windows improving the visibility while driving in poor weather conditions. This sealant will give you noticeable differences whilst driving in the rain. The water will bead off the car whilst driving, dependant on wind speed and vehicle speed.

Our Slick Window will bond to your windscreen making a thin layer of protection. This will make cleaning the windows easier, less contamination and stop the holding of dirt and insects staying on the windscreen. The hydrophobic effect in this sealant will give incredible beading to your cars windows and stop the holding of water.

Whilst doing maintenance washes, Slick Window will make the process a lot easier. The sealant will last at least 3 months during the winter period and a minimum of 6 months in the summer. Treating all the windows to Slick Window will greatly improve the overall visibility out of your vehicles windows during bad weather conditions.

Directions of Use

Carry out usual maintenance wash. Clean windows with our Diamond Glass until there are no bugs or dirt left on windows.

Make sure glass is dry.

Spray product over window, using a microfibre cloth buff into window.

Taking another microfibre cloth, clean off the haze and left over residue until the window is clear. Any tuff haze, use a damp cloth wipe away.