The Perfect Finish

The Perfect Finish

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Want your car to look like a mirror and have the perfect paintwork? 
Its a match made in heaven. 

The kit includes of the following - 

Extreme Polish -  A 3 in 1 polish that removes light swirl marks, deep enhancing gloss and a layer of protection. Its a great way to bring any paintwork back to life easily and can be applied by hand or by machine. 

Ceramic Wax - Our best selling product. A SI02 infused wax that leaves a real deep shine to your vehicle, strong amount of hydrophobic action and last 8-12 Months

Accessories - We have added a microfibre polish pad for polish application, a wax applicator for the wax and 2 microfibre cloths to buff of both products.  

A great combination that will leave a real true high gloss bodywork.