Ultimate Seal

Ultimate Seal

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Ultimate Seal is a highly durable protecting paint sealant made for your vehicles paintwork. We have used the same Ceramic infused technology alongside a number of waxes to formulate the perfect paint sealant.

Our Ultimate Seal will leave any paintwork feeling like silk and have the water behaviour like a ceramic coating once applied. Ultimate Seal will leave a real deep gloss and finish alongside the paint protection from tree sap, bird droppings and traffic film for a fraction of the cost of a ceramic coating.

Our sealant will last up to 12 months if maintained correctly. It can be applied by either a single application or it can be layered for a more durable protection.

Directions of Use

Spray directly on to the polishing pad provided. Working a panel at a time, apply evenly across the panel in a cross hatch motion to ensure all areas are covered. Allow to cure for around 5 – 10 minutes until the sealant begins to haze. Then buff off the panel using the microfibre cloth provided.