Unique Snowfoam

Unique Snowfoam

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Unique Snowfoam has been developed as a pre clean before a contact wash. It has been formulated to have a high foaming from a range of lances. The thick foam will cling to the exterior surfaces of the vehicle, breaking down road grime, dirt and brake dust to begin a safe contact wash.

Our Unique Snowfoam is PH Neutral. Safe to use on all waxed and coated paintworks. The thick foam will minimalize swirls when washing the car and keep your protected paint looking perfect.


Directions of Use

Add 150ml of Unique Snowfoam solution to a snowfoam lance; fill water to the rest of the bottle.

Apply the snowfoam to the car and allow dwelling until most of the foam is off the car. Do not allow to leave on the car to dry.

Rinse off thoroughly and follow with our Gloss wash or Luxury Wash.