Wheel Seal

Wheel Seal

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Wheel Seal is a strong and durable wheel protectant that helps protect your wheels from brake dust, traffic film, road salt and water.

2-4 layers of Wheel Seal will provide up to 3-6 months protection. Wheel Seal makes cleaning the wheels much easier after application. No more scrubbing dirt away!

Wheel Seal is a high temperature sealant made to work with all types of alloys.

Directions of Use

Make sure wheels have been thoroughly cleaned and free from all contaminants.

Once thoroughly cleaned, using the applicator provided simply spray evenly to the applicator and begin applying on to the alloy evenly.

After applied to alloys, allow a few minutes for the product to haze.

Once hazed, simply buff away using the microfibre provided removing all residue on the alloy.

Repeat, create layers to see maximum results.

Wheel Seal comes with the following :

500ml Wheel Seal 

1 x Foam Applicator 

1 x Microfibre Cloth